Previously Sold Round Cross Sections of Petrified Wood

These are rounds that we have previously sold. Many of them are representative of the specimens that can be obtained from the named location. If you'd like to check the prospects for locating another specimen like one shown here,please e-mail us. Enjoy the photos!

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Large Museum Grade Hubbard Basin conifer. Excellent color with knots and fine good wood preservation. This is the single most colorful round I've ever had from this prized location. 15 1/2" x 10"

Madagascar - my finest example. 5 5/8"

Giant Hubbard Basin, Nevada, round with knot 20+"

Deschuttes Oak, Oregon. Uncommonly rich color for region - 10 3/4"

McDermitt, Oregon wood with fossil bug trails. 9 1/2"

Sweet Home, Oregon, Maple. 5"

Hubbard Basin, Nevada, w/ two knots 12 1/2"

Shea (swamp) oak - Wyoming. End cut. 4 3/4" x 4"

Hubbard Basin, Nevada. 12"

Utah. 15"

Tietea singularus - 250 Million year old Tree Fern from Brazil. 8"

McDermitt, Oregon. 15"

Madagascar - species unknown. 6 1/4"

Blue Forest, Wyoming. 6 1/4"

Eden Valley, Wyoming - Uncommonly large for area w/ lots of borer trails. 10" x 8"

Saddle Mountain, Washington, conifer. 12 1/2"

Cherry Creek, Nevada. 12"

McDermitt, Oregon. 3 3/8"

McDermitt, Oregon. 7 3/4"

Deschuttes Oak, Oregon. 17"+

McDermitt, Oregon, probably maple. 6"

Full round with knot - exceptional! 12+"

McDermitt, Oregon. [white?] Ash 6"

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