Petrified Wood rounds from Wyoming's Blue Forest (and other Eden Valley locations)

These collector specimens are all slices taken from the center of perfect logs. They are ready to mount in a frame, on an easel, or as a wall piece. Polished to a mirror finish, each piece is cut flat on the back unless otherwise noted. If you don't see what you're looking for here, please send us e-mail as we have an extensive inventory of fine Blue Forest rounds in a variety of sizes and prices. The ones shown here are top grade and/or unusual specimens.

Nice variety of shades of blue agate in a finely preserved and highly agatized round. Good color in the gold calcite and wood itself makes this a wonderful piece for the eyes. 5 5/8" - PRICE: $54 - SOLD

This is the single largest petrified palm wood round I've ever seen from Wyoming's Blue Forest. It's covered with beautiful agate and features well preserved wood with the distinctive wood grain unique to palm trees! This one also has a druzy quartz crystal center. This is the rarest of all of the Wyoming treasures and very impressive to see! 10 1/4" - PRICE:$115 - SOLD

Extremely blue with lots of agate - one of my best Blue Forest finds ever. Ths one even has fossilized insect borings. Quintessential Blue Forest if there ever was one! 3 5/8" - PRICE: $38 - SOLD

Large Blue Forest with gold calcite & unusual starfish center. 5 1/2" - PRICE: $67 - SOLD

Large, high contrast round with perfect shape. 7" - PRICE:$69

Large, bug infested Blue Forest round with tons of tube agate and yellow calcite. 7 1/2" - PRICE:$75 - SOLD

Previously sold rounds
An archive of very nice specimens worth viewing!

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