Petrified Wood Rounds from Hubbard Basin, Nevada

This page is dedicated entirely to Hubbard Basin, Nevada, Petrified wood. These collector specimens are all slices taken from the very best petrified logs found in this area. They represent some of the finest Hubbard Basin pieces I've ever seen. Each is first come first served - send us an e-mail if you'd like to purchase. They are ready to mount in a frame, on an easel, or as a wall piece. Polished to a mirror finish, each piece is cut flat on the back unless otherwise noted.

Breath taking, uniquely colored round from Hubbard Basin!! I've never seen it's equal and it's a wonderful to display size to boot. Rich purple and pink colors in the top transition to sky blue throughout the rest of the perfectly shaped log. Just look at that antiquated shape - only Hubbard Basin can do this in solid, gloriously colored agate!! 8 5/8" x 6 7/8" - PRICE:$145

Intensely colored Hubbard Basin spruce round. Full pattern round with great wood grain and really eye catching spider web color pattern. Every color available plus wonderful crystal lined pockets. Excellent value for the size! 16 3/8" x 9" - PRICE:$245 - SOLD

Intensely colorful in classic Hubbard profile. A wonderful, full round this may be the single best value in a large colorful display piece in the shop! Photo doesn't do it justice - this is a beautiful, extra large, richly colored display piece. 16 1/2" - PRICE:$229

Intensely colorful with lots of reds and blues. A nice smaller round with one significant fracture line (stabilized). 7 3/8" - PRICE:$75 - SOLD

This is the small tapered endof the giant brecciated log shown previously. It's an easy to display size with the same unique quilted pattern in the wood grain. 7" - PRICE:$75 SOLD

One of my favorite features that can be cut in Hubbard Basin wood more than just about any other are the occasional monster sized petrified knot! This beautiful knot is perfectly detailed and shows the wood grain from the rest of the slab arcig to conform to it. You have to cut the logs differently to reveal these this well, but this one sure was worth it! 8" x 6 1/2" - PRICE:$125 - SOLD

Intensely colorful in classic Hubbard profile. A wonderful, full round. 16 1/2" - PRICE:$250

Gorgeous rich blue full round packed with knots in the mirror polished face! I count at least 3 and possibly 4 perfectly formed knots in this very nicely colored round. The white patch is an opalite deposit that formed in a hollow in the log much as the rind formed - it just looks like a paint brush stroke in the photo! 9 1/8" - PRICE:$149 - SOLD

Large, complete round with good color, subtle hint of purple. Excellent value in a larger round! 15 1/4" - PRICE:$225

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