Polished Collector Grade Condor Agates

These collector specimens are all the finest grade of Condor agates we sell. These agates are imported in the rough from Patagonia, Argentina, and then cut and polished right here in our shop. Each has been cut and flat lapped and then polished to a mirror finish. The Condor agates are a relatively new discovery (early 1990s) and are the latest truly collectible agate to come to market. We're very excited to have such a wonderful lot that has produced some truly spectacular stones. Most Condors have a clear quartz crystal center and are principally centered in the reds and oranges with lots of yellows, blacks and some blues to fill out the rich color spectrum. Drop us a note or take advantage of our new shopping cart & automated purchase checkout if you'd like a really nice Condor agate for your own collection!

Flawless Full Skin Nodule from a new batch of smaller sized nodules we bought in summer of 2004. This lot produced a lot of really interesting and unique color patterns in nut to egg sized agates. 1.62", 0.08 lbs. - PRICE:$20 - SOLD

Unusual condor agate slab with absolutely unique color pattern in alternating bands of crystal and colored agate! Faint hint of amethyst in inner crystals. 4 5/8" wide, 0.42" thick, - PRICE:$59 - SOLD

This is the most bizarre color combination I've seen in what are already some of the most diverse agates on the planet! This one is green, orange and white - truly unique! It's a thick slab that measures 4" x 2" wide. 0.40" thick. - PRICE:$45

Uncommonly large, full pattern condor agate slab. Intense color with our trademark mirror finish in a true collector grade specimen. 6 1/2" x 4 1/8" wide, 0.23" thick, - PRICE:$149 - SOLD

Exquisite sunset arching over white sagenite bursts in translucent agate - the finest! 5 1/8" wide slab, ~1/3" thick - PRICE:$65 - SOLD

This is an extra large and very colorful Condor agate from the new batch. This lot is delivering amazing colors but at the expense of more fractures. An amazing show piece with a flawless finish even with the fracture line. Full skin 1.22 lb. half nodule. 5 7/8" wide - PRICE:$45

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