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Agates are every rockhound's favorite material. An agate is simply a stone that has a very high concentration of silica that allows light to pass through the stone. There are lots of different varieties of agate. The most collectible forms are fortification agates & moss agates. There are many sub varieties of each of these basic types of agates, but the majority of the collectible agates will be one of these two basic forms.

The fortification agates are those agates that have colorful bands that form around a nucleus. Notable members of this group are Laguna, Condor, Lake Superior, Dryhead, Teepee Canyon, Fairburn and Brazilian. The colors, sizes and pattern densities change with each variety. Many phenomenal effects are associated with these varieites including iris (or rainbow), shadow, enhydro, etc.

The moss agates get their name from the complex and showy inclusions that are found inside the agate. These mineral formations are not moss at all of course, but often they will resemble bushes or trees. The shape of the mineral inclusions tells us a lot about what they are and how they formed. Dendrites often look like snowflakes, plumes look like trees, and sagenite looks like 3-D spiney urchins! Many of the same varieites of fortification agates will sometimes form moss agates, but other sources are only moss including Montana Moss agate and Oregon's famous green, red and gold moss from Maury Mtn. Many of the best known moss agates come from Central Oregon and are highly sought after for jewelry designs including Carey Ranch, Stinking Water, Graveyard Point, Teeter Ranch, Priday Ranch and others.

Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary provides a nice selection of both types of agates. We sell some rough stones, including slabbed stones intended for cabbing. Our pride and joy though are the polished agate specimens that we've worked up in our shop. We work tirelessly to produce world class polishes on the best of these collectible agate stones. The polish alone will set most of our stones apart from those available from other sources. Enjoy browsing through some of our specimens and let us know if we can help you expand your own collection!

Condor Agate
Imported from Patagonia, Argentina - Brilliantly colored fortification agate!

Puma Agate
Also from Patagonia, Argentina - These are "paint" agates in bright colors!

Brazilian Agates
Several different varieties of some of the highest quality agates ever discovered!

Laguna Agate
Classic old stock fortification agates from Northern Mexico - simply the finest!

Plume Agates
Several species from Oregon and elsewhere

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