Polished Collector Grade Laguna Agates

This is a collection of some very old stock Laguna agate that was discovered in an estate last summer in Michigan. These agates were imported in the rough from Mexico in 1963 and pretty much sat in a collectors stash, uncut and untouched, for over 3 decades. They are expensive, but they are also some of the best Laguna agates we've ever had. My own collection was essentially liquidated to make room for these superior specimens. We have lots of smaller, less expensive stones too.

Each has been cut and flat lapped and then polished to a mirror finish. The Laguna agates are arguably the finest, most colorful fortification agates ever found. We're very excited to have such a wonderful lot that has produced some truly spectacular stones, but this supply won't last forever. Lagunas come in almost every color that agate has ever been found in. The reds are the most highly prized, but an agate that has two dominant colors (or more) is a true collectible. Drop us a note if you're interested in one of these fine agates!

Full pattern, thick slab with unusual mossy and calcite mineral inclusions. Gorgeous clear quartz teeth in center cavity. 4 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 0.41", 0.44 lbs. - PRICE:$55 - SOLD

Full pattern, smaller nodule with incredible flawless color pattern. The best! 2.56" x 2.14" x 0.84", 0.18 lbs. - PRICE:$39 - SOLD

Full Skin Auga Nueva Agate Nodule with multiple shades of white and charcoal - much prettier than I could get the photo to show. Absolutely first class, 100% flawless nodule. This is a close cousin to the Laguna agate from a nearby ranch and is easy to spot because of the really translucent agate rind filled with mossy mineral inclusions. 2 7/8", 0.26 lbs. - PRICE:$28 - SOLD

Full Skin Nodule with lovely pastel color pattern. Nice Laguna agates this large are uncommon anymore. 5", 1 1/2 lbs. - PRICE:$95 - SOLD

Full Skin Auga Nueva Agate Nodule with deep reds in a highly translucent agate! This is a close cousin to the Laguna agate from a nearby ranch. 2 3/4", 0.18 lbs. - PRICE:$24 - SOLD

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