Polished Collector Grade Puma Agates

These collector specimens are among the finest examples of Puma agates we've had the pleasure of working on. These agates are imported in the rough from Patagonia, Argentina, and then cut and polished right here in our shop. Each has been cut and flat lapped and then polished to a mirror finish. The Puma agates are a relatively new discovery (late 1990s) and are among the latest truly collectible agates to come to market. We're very excited to have such a wonderful lot that has produced some truly spectacular stones. Most Puma agates have a clear quartz crystal center and are principally centered in the reds and oranges with lots of yellows and some inky blues to fill out the rich color spectrum. The crystaline portion of these stones is quite different than most. The crystals arrange themselves in flower petal like arrangements where one cluster intersects another to form a full mass (particularly in the ones that have crystaline regions in the outer zone of the stone). Very unique and very beautiful when properly prepared. If these stones have a draw-back it is that the yield is fairly low and the price for rough is quite high. The popularity of Condor agate has made the Puma agates expensive as well and you get many plain crystal center stones for each choice color pattern you manage to cut. Drop us a note or take advantage of our PayPal shopping cart & automated purchase checkout if you'd like a really nice Puma agate for your own collection!

Flawless Full Skin Nodule with brilliant orange paint surrounding crystaline center. 3 1/2" x 2 3/4", 0.42 lbs. - PRICE:$59 - SOLD

Full Skin Nodule with contorted paint band featuring many of the best Puma agate colors. This is a good example of the most common color pattern along with the crytaline spherules inside. 4" x 3", 0.72 lbs. - PRICE:$45 - SOLD

Full skin, extra large nodule with compete fortification pattern. This is one of the very few Puma agates I've seen that is solid agate all the way through the center. Beautiful colors. 3 3/4", 1.44 lbs. - PRICE:$95 - SOLD

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