priced as marked.

All bookends have a felted face that will be in contact with the books unless otherwise noted. Bases protected by either felt, cork or rubber feet. Of course, every set enjoys our trademark mirror finish which is guaranteed to draw an "oooohhh" when you see them for the first time! These are sturdy, functional bookends made from some of the most beautiful rocks found anywhere on earth. Size shown is height. We always have more bookends in the works so if you don't see what you want, ask what's coming! You can get an idea of other things we can do by viewing the archive of previously sold bookends.

Septarian (Utah). PRICE:$150 - SOLD contact us for availability of similar specimens

Hubbard Basin petrified wood bookends! One of the most sought after varieties of petrified wood found anywhere. This set shows the heart of the log in both faces. Measure 7 1/2" tall, 6.48 lbs. PRICE:$89 - SOLD

Exceptional Marston Ranch Jasper (petrified bog) - A truly glorious stone that has all the colors of an artists palette! Ashwood, Oregon. Extra large set would look fabulous on mantel or larger table. 9" tall, 22.4 lbs. - PRICE:$189 - SOLD

McDermitt, Oregon, petrified wood with exceptional wood grain. This wood is from the "airport dig" where the best McDermitt wood was found. Appears to be petrified ash tree (great cell preservation in growth rings and heart of the tree is in each half). Smaller set suitable for CD's/DVDs, mail or smaller books. Measure 4 3/4" tall, 5 lbs. PRICE:$48 - SOLD

Hampton Butte petrified wood - Oregon's famous 'green wood'. Sometimes you get lucky and get some unusual tones like this in these colorful petrified log casts. Combined with the classic greens that this location is most noted for you end up with an incredibly colorful natural work of art. This one even shows some wood structure in the stone still! Measure 7 3/4" tall, 10.28 lbs. PRICE:$99 - SOLD

Petrified oak bookends from Deschutes River Canyon, Oregon. 5 5/8" tall, 7 lbs. PRICE:$95

Arizona Picture Sandstone (textured). There are some wonderful fins in the cave portion that are hidden by shadows. Gorgeous, natural artwork! 5 3/4", 13 lbs. PRICE:$59 - SOLD

Some of the finest, gem grade petrified sycamore you'll ever see! Magnificent, rich wood grain in a very high agate concentration from Sweet Home, Oregon. 6 1/4" tall - 5.42 lbs. PRICE:$69 - SOLD

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