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Jake says that by the time I get this posted on the web, he'll be this tall. Getting them all to look at the camera at the same time is like herding cats...

Hey Mom! Look! I started a duck riot!!

Taylor picked his own cake - it basically looked like a solid wedge of chocolate - and tasted like it too!

I guess that taste for chocolate runs in the family. Somebody KISS ME!

Mom shows Jake what spring smells like at the rhododendron gardens.

Jake wanted to see if we could get a picture of his new plane in flight. Not a bad idea, huh?

Jake is picking up some new skills! Can you believe how fast he's growing up?!

They may be growing up fast, but on this Easter morning, they're simply perfect.

Jake stands next to a rare, well preserved fossil cycad on Display at the Denver Museum of Natural History. My friend Trever and I found this fossil while rockhounding in Utah and donated it to the museum.

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