In the spring of 2002 my Uncle (Dewey) and I undertook one of the most exotic rockhounding adventures any collector could hope to make. We traveled to Tocantins, Brazil, to visit the Araguania Petrified Forest! Our host, Perseu, and his son took us to their claim in the frontier state of Tocantins where we hunted for petrified wood, horsetail (calamites), Psaronius and Tietea tree ferns and other exotic petrified fossils. Even in our limited time we found some nice pieces, but the scenery, adventure and wonderful people were what made it most worthwhile!

First stop is the busy airport at Araguainia - don't get lost!

The farmers in the area build these relatively short lived dwellings that they use until the land is no longer productive, then they move on.

My Uncle and I seek shade in the blistering sun - you can never tell how hot it is from a picture! The expansive landscape with flat top buttes is similar to eroded wood hunting country in the western US, but the plants are very different!

Perseu talks with one of the local farmers we encountered while hunting rocks. His claim covers several small farms in the area.

My first find! It's a nice solid log that, judging by the hollow star in the center, could well be Dadoxylon - but we won't know for sure until it's cut and polished.

The end of a hard day on one of the farms. It's been a great trek that produced several nice finds, including new friends!

I hand picked through several tons of logs that were mined on the claim, selecting the very best specimens guaranteed to be world class specimens capable of showing off the famous Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary polish! The quality of this shipment is unmatched by that available anywhere else and is being purchased quickly by local dealers, but we're holding back some of our favorites for our own collecting customers. Drop us a note to see some of the latest treasures coming out of the shop!

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