A very large thunderegg pit on the Friend's Ranch near Ashwood, Oregon. Those are 55 gallon drums down there! The thundereggs in this bed are somewhat unique in the area. There are many thunderegg beds within just a few miles of this mine, but the others all tend to be similar (more or less) to the famous Blue Bed eggs on the Richardson's Ranch. The Friends eggs don't have much in common with any of these, but they remain one of my favorites!

To get the best stones you have to get deep enough into the hill to reach the soil that doesn't freeze over the winter. Freezing is one reason so many thundereggs have undesirable fractures. We spent two days in this dig recently and mined some incredibly nice eggs. You can see a pair of eggs in the wall just above my hands. It's important to dig as much of the soil out from around them as you can before "popping" them loose to avoid damaging the egg.

This is the highly desirable end result - a beautiful dark blue agate thunderegg with whispy black agate inclusions! One of the best thunderegg species ever found without a doubt! We put a lot of effort in at the shop to get these stones ready for collectors.

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