There's almost nothing any rockhound enjoys more than finding "treasure" hidden deep beneath the ground!! We're blessed to be in the Pacific Northwest, where some of the best and most famous collectible stones and petrified wood are found!

Of course, to get the best stuff you have to work very hard which often means many hours spent in a hole to come up with a few choice stones - or not. Here are a few photos of some of our recent field trips.

Friend's Ranch Thundereggs
One of my favorite thunderegg mines anywhere.

Richardson's Ranch Priday Moss Thundereggs
An Oregon hardrock classic - and a gorgeous location to dig!

Marston Ranch Jasper / Agate
Spectacular rainbow colored specimens.

Stinking Water Pass
Home to the famous Golden Oak trees - and a few other surprises!

McDermitt, Oregon
A desolate, but productive petrified wood deposit.

Tocantins, Brazil
I took the ultimate rockhounding trip to the Araguania petrified forest in Brazil in the spring of 2002!

Tour the rock shop
Ever wonder how we do all this neat stuff? Here's a glimpse at part of the Sticks-in-Stones Rock Shop!