The McDermitt basin is a huge caldera and the ground is many, many feet of solidified ash and welded tuff. It's located in Southeast Oregon very near the Nevada border. There are actually several digging locations spread over a 100+ square mile area. Agate, thundereggs, jasper and other collectible stones can be found, but the area is most famous for it's beautiful and well preserved petrified wood.

Yet another sagebrush desert with little in the way of shade or water. These cowboys brought this herd right through our camp on a recent trip! One of them even stopped and gave our nearly 3 year old son a ride on his horse. No big logs were found on this trip, but the memories are still priceless.

A beautiful round from a hardwood tree (probably white ash). Logs of this caliber can still be found, but the digging is very demanding and few truly have the will or ability to put the work out required to find them. Limbs and chunks are considerably easier to find, many are in shallow deposits only a foot or so deep.

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