Polished Agate Geode Specimens, Brazil

One of the most often seen and sold mineral specimens in the world is Brazilian agate. Unfortunately, that means most people have seen it and think that it's 'OK', but nothing special. Nothing could be further from the truth! Brazilian agate is one of the finest gem grade agates on the planet, but like all semi-precious gem materials, it has to be properly polished to really show off why it's so special. The vast majority of imported materials arrive with a 'commerical polish'. This is the amount of work required to get favorable export treatment from their respective governments (most governments restrict exportation of raw materials, preferring to keep the lapidary work and the jobs it supplies at home). For most dealers, that's all they ever provide and it's all most customers ever see. But now that you've found Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary you are in for a real treat! We've reworked the finish on each of these stones to a mirror perfect, liquid like finish that really looks like it will smear if you touch it!! There's nothing applied to the stone - it just has the ability to be polished to that kind of liquid luster. You won't believe how gorgeous this agate can be until you've seen it with your own eyes.

We have another set of pages dedicated to polished agate slabs where you can see our lapidary work in all of its glory, but we also apply that skill to finishing these agate geodes to the same high standards so you can get the best of both a world class agate and a fascinating geode all in one specimen!

The interior of this stone is amazing - it's deep, large and looks like a bubbly surface covered with drusy quartz crystals! This is one of our most intriguing geodes and must be seen in person to be truly appreciated (the camera just couldn't capture it but it's similar to the one shown below). The rind is full of anunusual golden ribbon of fine plume like formations. 6" wide. 2 lbs. - PRICE:$55.00 - SOLD

Fascinating, deep cavity with fine druzy quartz over larger quartz crystals! 5" wide. 3 lbs. - PRICE:$45.00 - SOLD

One of the most striking geodes I've ever seen with a really deep cavity full of large clear crystals. It looks like a winter ice cave scene! 6 1/8" wide. 3 1/2 lbs. - PRICE:$65.00 - SOLD

Better than photo suggests - a lot better - VERY deep cavity with goethite crystals! 4 3/4" wide. 2 1/2 lbs. - PRICE:$44.00 - SOLD

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