Coconut Geode Specimens, Mexico

The first stone I ever polished and sold on the internet was a coconut geode. Aside from the obvious sentimental attraction, I still find these geodes beautiful and fascinating. They have more surprises hidden inside them than any other stone I cut to this day. You never have any idea what will be inside. They can be full of crystals with anything from amethyst to giant barite points! Most are lined with quartz crystals of various sizes and colors or else are completely solid with interlocked clear quartz that looks like frozen ice, a virtual stone snowball! Others are filled with beautiful fortification agates and of course just about any combinatin of these phenomenon can occur together. The agate geodes will often show an optical phenomenon known as 'shadow agate' where the stone appears to have fluid trapped between the bands that moves around as it's rocked back and forth!

Coconut geodes get their name from three features they share in common with real coconuts. First, they are often hollow. Second, they are invariably round (or close to it). And third, each has a 'belly button' on the oustide of the geodes just like the stem of a coconut. They are usually between the size of a baseball and a softball, but they can exceed these in either direction. I've selected some of my very finest coconuts and applied my top grade collector quality polish to each specimen shown here. I hope you find one worthy of your own collection! Consider a custom display stand to help show it off right.

Best of all worlds! Large cavity with large, sharp, amethyst tipped crystals along with blue agate and jumbled calcite formations in rind. 3 3/4" wide. 1.08 lbs. - PRICE:$40.00 - SOLD

One of the most bizarre and unusual coconuts I've ever cut. It's a beautiful deep blue wave shaped fortification agate over a most unusual banded matrix that looks like a sandy beach. Really gorgeous larger stone and very unusual. 4 3/8" wide. 2.10 lbs. - PRICE:$59.00 - SOLD

This may be the single largest coconut I've ever cut. It's a gorgeous, huge fortification agate with perfect banding in several shades and a beautiful "vent" pattern in the bands. This monster is 6" wide and weighs almost 4 lbs. - PRICE:$69.00 - SOLD

Purple treasure!! One of the largest purple amethyst filled coconuts I've ever cut. This is the type of stone you're always hoping will be hidden inside the rough shell - and in this one case in a hundred - it was! 5 1/4" wide. 2 lbs. - PRICE:$69.00 - SOLD

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