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Nothing inspires our imagination and fascination more than a glimpse into the microchasm of an entire geologic world hidden inside a crystal filled geode! From cradle to grave, everyone loves to see sparkling crystals, and the more - the better! We've ritualized them, adorned ourselves with them and prized them as treasure since the beginning of time. Few things draw a gasp as quickly as light shining into a hollow chamber where the walls are lined with hundreds or even thousands of perfect, tiny crystals coating the walls. On these pages we've brought you some of the finest geode specimens in the world. Each has been professionally cut and polished to make it a world class display piece. The outsie of the geode has been lapped flat and polished to a high luster to frame the gorgeous natural mineral display revealed inside! We sincerely hope you'll find a world to fascinate you and carry away your own imagination with one of these treasures...

Geodes can and do form with a variety of minerals inside. What type of mineral you find depends on the location and the conditions the geode formed under. You'll find quartz, calcite and countless other minerals in the treausures offered here. In each case we've properly cleaned the geode after polishing to reveal nothing but perfect, clean crystals inside. We meticulously clean every specimen to insure your geode sparkles and glistens as it should. You'll be pleased to see that our work isn't coated with dust, sludge and polish residue from the lapidary process which is something most commercial specimens suffer from. Enjoy!

Coconut Geodes from Mexico
Perhaps the most collected of all geodes - a wonderful combination of agate and a huge variety of crystal types in a perfect round sphere

Septarian Geodes from Utah
Absolutely stunning golden calcite crystals in dramatic, large cavities

Brazilian Agate Geodes
Impossible to beat for excellent agate and deep hollow crystal lined cavities - wait until you see our polish!

Other Geode Varieties
The Pacific Northwest is home to dozens of varieties - this pages contains nice specimens from many other locations.

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