Collectible Geode Specimens

Geodes can happen almost anyplace that you can get world class agates. This page has a variety of other geode types often sought after by gem and mineral collectors. As with all of our products, each has been polished to a collector grade finish, ready for a prized spot in your own collection!

Anchors away! This gorgeous and unsually shaped geode cavity looks like a ships anchor! It's also full of some of the best crystal varieties (druse, elongate, and more!) and the color transition seems to go from purple to blue between the two cavities. Really nice! Dugway, Utah. 5 1/4" tall. 1.84 lbs. - PRICE:$55.00 - SOLD

Spectacular large double-chamber Dugway geode with large connected internal cavity filled with excellent variety of well formed crystals framed by blue agate bands! One of the best ones I've cut. Dugway, Utah. 5 3/4" x 4 3/4" wide. 2.36 lbs. - PRICE:$49.00

Uncommon lavendar tinted druzy crystals in a magnificent twisting cavity formation lined with frosty drusy quartz crystals - looks like a diamond mine! Dugway, Utah. 4" wide. 0.82 lbs. - PRICE:$28.00 - SOLD

Uncommon and interesting - a small Dugway geode that appears to have "melted" onto the side of another larger one. I'm not sure that thunderegg formation theory covers this one very well! Dugway, Utah. The larger egg is 5" tall. 1.18 lbs. - PRICE:$39.00 - SOLD

Peculiar formation for a Dugway geode. Extra deep cavity with several different crystal formation types inside! Felt bottom to protect table. Dugway, Utah. 4 1/2" tall. 2.18 lbs. - PRICE:$49.00 - SOLD

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