Polished Septarian Geode Specimens, Utah

Millions of years ago, when the Great Salt Lake was a much bigger sea, there were beaches and shallow sea floors in what is now Utah. Today we find ammonites in mountain cliffs and, horn coral on the desert floor. But perhaps the most prized of all the treasures to have formed in the geologic aftermath of this once great ocean are the metamorphed geodes that formed from ancient "mud balls" on the beaches and shallow sea floors. These treasures are now called septarian nodules and are the first stone that I ever flat lapped. They are a softer material than agate, forming mostly from calcite and aragonite. They form with a distinct "tortoise shell" kind of pattern that forms rune linke shapes in the stone around the crystal cavity. Many have massive calcite inside (no open crystals), but the very best grade specimens form hollow cavities lined with finely terminated "dog tooth" calcite crystals in various shades of yellow and gold!

This page is dedicated to the rarest and finest of these geode specimens. Each stone is a large geode with an uncommonly large hollow center lined with thousands of crystals inside. The crystals themselves form into grape like ball structures deep inside the cavity (impossible to see or appreciate from the flat picture). You simply can't beat a world class septarian nodule for 'WOW!' appeal.

Drop us a note or take advantage of our new shopping cart & automated purchase checkout if you'd like a really nice Septarian geode to make a wonderful and fascinating display piece for your own home or office!

Exquisite septarian with an extra deep pocket packed with countless crystals in very pronounced ball shaped clusters all partly hidden behind sentinel mass of calcite in front of pocket. Amazing display piece! 8 1/4" wide, 7.38 lbs. - PRICE: $119.00 - SOLD

One of the largest Septarians I've ever handled! Huge cavity framed in tons of gold rich golden calcite with giant ball clusters of crystals inside. Impressive sized specimen! 8" wide, 10+ lbs. - PRICE: $119.00 - SOLD

Finest & largest of my septarian eggs. Iron oxide coating on crystals makes them look like they are shiny/armor-plated. This stone is about the best i've ever seen and is cut from the very highest grade of Septarian geodes. It truly produces a gasp on site. Very nice, very large for the style with about the finest interior I think I've ever encountered. Aprox. 6" tall. Weight is 4.54 lbs. - PRICE: $395.00 - SOLD

Dome shaped display specimen with fabulous crystals in a very large pocket. The crystals really glisten like crazy on this one! 3 1/4" tall, 1.40 lbs. - PRICE: $79.00 - SOLD

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