Specimen display stands

NOTICE: We are currently unable to fulfill wooden display stand orders (but we still have the full selection of acrylic display stands).

We carry several types of display stands to help you show off your specimens properly. We carry two basic varieties, clear acrylic and custom made wooden display stands. The clear acrylic stands are very functional and inexpensive, but the hand made wooden stands are really something special if you want to display your specimens in their best possible light!

At Sticks-in-Stones we are now making both a 3-prong specimen stand that is suitable for geodes as well as a slab display stand that can be custom built to your own dimensions, using the hardwood of your choice and in the finish of your choice. Each stand is made from top grade hardwood, cut extra thick to provide both stability and a beautiful presentation with enough room for a specimen tag on the front (tag not provided). These stands have a hand rubbed finish that complements, but doesn't compete with, your specimen. Unless requested otherwise, the stands will be cut from 1 1/8" thick red oak with a neutral (clear) finish. The slab display stand has a 1/2" wide groove cut 7/16" deep. This is ideal for the majority of agate and petrified wood slabs we market. There are two supporting pegs behind the grove that the slab rests against. The geode stand has a third, shorter peg in front instead of the groove. The pegs are not glued in so they can be removed and adjusted for length to provide the optimal display angle for your stone. As a rule of thumb, I like stands that are about 2/3 to 3/4 the width of the specimen being displayed.

Pricing per stand is $5 + $1 every 1/2 inch in width (3 inch minimum). So the 3 1/2" slab oak display stand in the standard clear finish is $12.00
Other hardwoods and/or finishes can be provided on request to match your specifications (price reflects a 25% custom work premium). Just let us know what you need when you place your order and we should have them made and on their way in under a week. Most common sizes in oak are in inventory and will ship immediately on order. Interested in a custom made stand for a specimen selected from our site? No problem! Just drop us a note and tell us which specimen and wood type / finish you'd like and we'll get one made just for your specimen.

Natural finish red oak

Slab Stand

Geode Stand

3 Stand $11.00

3 Stand $12.00

4 Stand $13.00

4 Slab Stand 14.00

5 Stand $15.00

5 Slab Stand $16.00

6 Slab Stand $17.00

Custom Finish or Custom Wood (specify in e-mail)

Slab Stand

Geode Stand

3 Stand $13.50

3 Stand $15.00

4 Stand $16.50

4 Slab Stand 18.00

5 Stand $19.50

5 Slab Stand $21.00

6 Slab Stand $23.00

We also make custom fitted easels for displaying very large slabs.
These range from $25 to $40. e-mail us for a quote for your slab.

We also carry inexpensive and functional clear acrylic display stands for smaller slabs.

Clear acrylic mini-easel. 2 1/8" tall. Suitable for small slabs.
PRICE:$1.20 each. or 1 dozen stands for$12.00.

3-prong geode stand. 2 1/2", 3 3/8" or 4 1/4" wide (S/M/L). Suitable for thundereggs, coconuts and other geodes.
Small Geode Stand each: $1.80 or $18.00 per dozen
Medium Geode Stand each: $2.10 or $21.00 per dozen
Large Geode Stand each: $2.50 or $25.00 per dozen

Clear acrylic slab stand. 2 1/8" or 3" wide (S/L). Suitable for slabs up to 1/2" thick and 3/4" thick respectively.
Small Slab Stand each: $2.00 or $20.00 per dozen
Large Slab Stand each: $2.50 or $25.00 per dozen

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