Polished Collector Grade Thunderegg Agates from The Blue Bed on Richardson's Ranch, Jefferson County, Oregon

These are some of the finest eggs I've dug from what is arguably the most famous of all thunderegg deposits in the world. Richardson's Rock Ranch has one of the largest, most productive thunderegg beds in the state and they've developed it very nicely to accomodate both hobby and commercial digging. Over the years, you learn which part of the bed produces the nicest eggs and how to cut and treat them properly to get the most out of these gorgeous stones. I enjoy them as much as any thunderegg and it's very easy to get carried away when digging in the fragile perlite (I've had the shelf colapse and partially bury me more than once). Rockhounding is exciting and fun, but dangerous when you fail to pay attention to the hole you are creating and the coal like shelf that sits above these eggs is very brittle and won't support much underdigging.

These eggs are almost always singles, but the rare double can be found. In general, the agate is better lower in the bed, but the eggs are more stable the higher you find them. The best place is the lowest part of the bed where the caps (the ends) of the egg don't fall off. Unfortunately, the eggs dug in recent years tend to have caps that will weather off if wet, and my part of Oregon gets very wet all winter so this can be a problem. Nothing is more frustrating than cutting a gorgeous egg only to have the cap come off when the egg is soaking! These eggs don't get much bigger than baseball size and some of the best ones are only the size of a walnut - but the pattern and colors can't be beat. If cut from 'cap to cap' you'll see a 4 point star, often with banded agate. Some eggs are full or partially filled with opalite, a whitish opal & agate combination that can be quite pretty when combined with the right agate patterns.

I keep meaning to take some field photos of this bed, but haven't yet. It's quite expansive, maybe 100 yards long. It's been productive for decades and was first dug when the ranch was still in the Priday family. The eggs have changed slowly over time as the bed gets excavated so eggs from old collections may have different details than the ones produced today show. It also seems to me that the older eggs didn't have as many problems with fragile caps, but who knows. In any event, if you ever make a trip to Oregon, this bed is an absolute must see. The Richardson's will set you up with maps, buckets, digging tools and instructions. They'll even cut and polish your haul. It's loads of fun and very productive. You'll have to dig quite a few to find them as good as the ones I select to put on these pages, but you can certainly find them. Of course, I take a lot of pride in the finish work I apply to these stones so rest assured that you won't find a better polish on thundereggs anywhere else! Drop us a note or take advantage of our new shopping cart & automated purchase checkout if you'd like a really nice Blue Bed thunderegg agate for your own collection!

Blue Bed thundereggs produce beautiful spheres. One of them is full of moss agate - something not typically found in this bed.

Unusually colored Blue Bed egg - yellow agate is rarely seen in these stones. Gorgeous fortification agate lens in rich shades of blue agate with banded agate 'sea' in lower half of lens. 3 1/4", 0.56 lbs. - PRICE:$42

Really unsual double thunderegg - size disparity is uncommon, especially to have them still form a conjoined lens. Great agate pattern and color too! 3 3/4", 0.52 lbs. - PRICE:$49

An absolutely gorgeous deep midnight blue matched pair of thundereggs with a small drusy crystal pocket in the center of each stone. 3", 0.88 lbs. - PRICE:$69 - SOLD

Larger, classic Blue Bed egg. Gorgeous dark blue agate. 3 3/4", 0.70 lbs. - PRICE:$40

One of the best double eggs I've ever cut Completely unrelated halves - amazing! The other half is in my own collection. 4 5/8", 1.12 lbs. - PRICE:$59 - SOLD

Unusual umbrella shape inside. 2 1/4", 0.20 lbs. - PRICE:$20

An absolutely gorgeous deep midnight blue matched pair of thundereggs in an uncommonly large size for this bed. This is museum grade! Banded agate in center appears to be a staircase ascending into the mist! 4", 1.86 lbs. - PRICE:$99 - SOLD

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