Polished Collector Grade Thunderegg Agates and Geodes from Baker Ranch, Deming, New Mexico

If you were to find a way to genetically cross a Pacific Northwest thunderegg with an agate from Northern Mexico it would probably turn out something like the famous "Deming Agates" mined from a thunderegg bed on the Baker Ranch in New Mexico. While this thunderegg bed is hundreds of miles away from the volcanic activity that created the numerous Eastern Oregon thunderegg deposits it was still created in much the same way and by the same geologic forces. These eggs are often sought by fine fortification agate collectors because the fine agate banding and brilliant colors rival famous agates like Lagunas and Moctezumas. The colors are typically red with black, gray, blue and (rarely) yellow found in many. The bed produces a relatively low percentage yield of good quality stones (most of what you dig you don't bother to cut and most of what you cut you don't bother to polish) but a top end agate or geode from this bed is tough to beat. They are rarely fractured and often have hollow centers with either a druzy, cinnamon center or well formed clear quartz points. Occasionally you will cut one with long crystal stalctites that span the hollow center of the stone. A lucky cut with the saw blade through one of these crystal formations yields a fine white feathery plume through the center of the stalactite that makes these especially prized.

These nodules are generally small (chicken egg size and smaller) but there are a few larger ones found. The smaller eggs tend to have better agate patterns and better color (I can't figure out why). We've presented some of the best agates we've cut on these pages. Our fine lapidary techniques produce world class collector pieces where the agates are all they can be, the matrix is as highly polished as the agate face and the crystals are clean and sparkling. You simply won't find anyone who can prepare them better than we can and we think you'll find few who can even come close.

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Drop us a note or take advantage of our shopping cart & automated purchase checkout if you'd like to enjoy one of these colorful marvels in person. No agate or thunderegg collection is complete without a nice Baker Ranch thunderegg agate!

The finest nodule I've cut to date with colors and patterns reminiscent of their Mexican cousins. 2.4", approx. 0.20 lbs. - PRICE:$45.00 - SOLD

Tiny perfect thunderegg nodule with lovely drusy crystals and pastel agate bands. 1.5", approx. 0.04 lbs. - PRICE:$16.00 - SOLD

Fantastic stalactite filled geode with intricate crystal spires and other amazing inclusions. Best stalactite geode I've cut yet. To many collectors these are the finest treasures found in this variety. 2.6", approx. 0.22 lbs. - PRICE:$45.00 - SOLD

Lovely crystal filled cavity framed in pretty red agate - poor photo but really nice egg geode. 2.6", approx. 0.10 lbs. - PRICE:$19.00 - SOLD

Softer pinkish orange agate shade framing larger clear quartz crystal cavity geode. 2.1", approx. 0.12 lbs. - PRICE:$22.00

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