Polished Collector Grade Thunderegg Agates from various Pacific Northwest deposits

While we have some pages dedicated to a few of our favorites, the number and variety of thunderegg variations is really beyond anyone's ability to count on a practical level. On this page we'll list some choice specimens from various deposits that we may only see occasionally, or where we've encountered a particularly striking specimen. Many (if not most) of the thunderegg deposits and claims produce eggs that are low yielding or rarely interesting enough to justify putting the work into preparing as specimens. The Ochoco Mountains in Central Oregon are covered with thunderegg claims, but most are fairly nondescript and lack any real distinguishing character (not all of course - sometimes some really fine agates are produced from a small percentage of these claims). If you have a neat thunderegg or two and want to consider trading, please contact us at the e-mail link below - we'd love to hear from you!!

A really colorful White Fir Springs (Ochoco Mountains of Central Oregon) thunderegg. This one features a better color variety than most by far, and also has three different lenses each at a unique cutting angle to show how they actually form. 4 1/4" x 3 3/8" and 0.44 lbs. - PRICE:$40.00 - SOLD

Dolly Parton bed from the Ochs' Ranch in Central Oregon. Fairly rich colors for this variety. 5 1/4", 2.92 lbs. - PRICE:$45.00

Fantastic Ochoco Mountains thunderegg with deep blue and red accents. Central Oregon. One of the most striking of this variety I've cut. 4 1/2", 1.96 lbs. - PRICE:$42.00 -SOLD

Valley View Mine thunderegg, also from the Ochoco Mountains in Central Oregon. Green rind and rich blue agate - this one featuring an attractive compression phenomenon in the agate lens called "corn flake". 5 1/4", 2.26 lbs. - PRICE:$42.00 - SOLD

Black Rock Desert thunderegg. These almost always seem to be missing much of the rind relative to other eggs which makes me think they might be removed from hard rock (I've never dug them and see very few in circulation). Gorgeous dark inky black agate lens with stunning white quartz geode center. 6", 3 lbs. - PRICE:$48.00 - SOLD

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