Polished Collector Grade Thunderegg Agates from Succor Creek, Oregon

These collector specimens are all the finest grade of Succor Creek Thunderegg agates we sell. These warty looking stones look like stoney snowballs when dug, but they produce fabulous agates when cut and polished right here in our shop. Each has been cut and flat lapped and then polished to a mirror finish. This bed is the most remote in the state (almost in Idaho). The agates are very distinct from any other found here. The agate is usually clear and bluish gray, sometimes with dark dendrites or white agate bands. The lens is often a distorted star pattern and many will look like dragons and other fantasy creatures if you stare at them long enough. We're very excited to have such a wonderful lot that has produced some truly spectacular stones, but even in a good lot this is a low percentage yielding egg. Many are hollow or have very little agate inside (i.e. a mudball). The best ones are gorgeous though and very translucent. I personal favorite the rare specimen with either sharply banded agate or nice well defined dendrites suspended in the clear agate! The matrix is usually flecked like granite and ranges from purple to white. They range in size from small fruit to basketballs, though the largest ones are rarely any good. Drop us a note or take advantage of our new shopping cart & automated purchase checkout if you'd like a really nice Succor Creek agate for your own collection!

This is what they look like in the rough. Who'd ever think such a lumpy ball of rock would have such beautiful treasure hidden inside?!

This is a fairly typical example of the Succor Creek eggs - nice blue banded agate in an amorphous shape. 3 3/4", 0.76 lbs. - PRICE:$24

Top grade Succor Creek thunderegg - fantastic star shaped center with great color contrast! 5", 1.74 lbs. - PRICE:$48 - SOLD

This is a rare double thunderegg where one thunderegg formed inside another one! This doesn't happen often in any thunderegg formation, but it does seem to happen more with the Succor Creek eggs than others. An unusual collector piece regardless - the inner egg caught a perfect cut to reveal it! 5", 1.18 lbs. - PRICE:$55 - SOLD

This egg has a lighter, buff colored matrix and light blue/white banded agate lens. It's a fat star shaped pattern in a fat little egg! 4 3/4", 2.32 lbs. - PRICE:$38 - SOLD

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